About Us
About Us

In the world of highly processed foods and chemically induced flavors, finding a place that gives you truly delicious and nutritious food and drink is a mission and a half, but SQUASH is an entirely different ball game.

Located in the central heart of Singapore’s most vibrant business district, Clarke Quay, a small stall can really pack a punch with its casual service and superb offerings. We are jumping right into the pool of fast and convenient market place, confident that we can make a difference in your life.

Not All Juices are Created Equal A true testament to our hero product, freshly cold-pressed juices.

SQUASH juices are concocted with the human body in mind, to really enhance the experience of drinking the essence of the best hand-selected fruits and vegetables. You can bet that our juices are functional in its nutritional value and surely feel more like a pleasurable delight than a chore.

With names like PURITY, CLEANSE, VITA MAX and so much more, each type of juice holds their own purpose in enhancing health and SQUASH offers a variety of juices that suit what you want and need.
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Adjacent to where these cold-pressed goodness are made is a salad bar that boasts over 30+ fresh and meticulously sourced ingredients for your gastronomic delight. From the base of either greens or noodle salad, to the standard and premium toppings and dressings, we give you the chance to build and experiment with your salad. And for the more adventurous souls, try your hands on the ultimate hawker food in salad form with our unique rojak dressing!

To top it all off we got a list of exotic additions for every types of fancy, including chicken bulgogi, beef kimchi and mushroom egg fritata. And if you’re the type that likes to eat your salad as a wrap, just let us know and we’ll wrap it for you with our equally delicious and healthy whole wheat bread.

At SQUASH, we believe that good food is supposed to actually be good for you. So we go all out in offering you only the BEST cold-pressed juices and salads. And by ‘BEST’ we mean the best tasting, the best nutritional functions and the best value for your money. The choice is yours; start making a difference in your life today!

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